Do you want to build an NBS vision for your city/district or for your community/ neighbourhood?

Building visions

  • Stakeholders: Municipal governments and planners, community groups, private urban development company, NGOs.
  • Modes of assessment: Explore and examine.
  • 1. What is this method? Co-designing a vision or a plan for urban nature is an approach to design by actively involving diverse stakeholders into the designing process. This co-design process aims at ensuring that the final plan or vision reflect the needs for the plan (e.g. specific urban sustainability challenge in a particular urban area) and focuses more on the design process and procedure itself, rather than on design style. The stakeholders invited to participate on the co-designing process, interact with new concepts and ideas through prototypes and sketches.
  • 2. How should I apply this method? This process can be generally broken¬†into seven main steps: (1) Identification of main challenges, (2) identification of objectives, synergies and conflicts, (3) vision development, (4) vision refinement, (5) consideration of governance, (6) presentation of results and evaluation.
  • 3. At what stages of the Urban Nature Index implementation could I apply this method? This method can be used to identify relevant sustainability challenges for a particular urban area, and to develop a strategy or plan for the implementation of nature-based solutions.
  • 4. How can I find out more details about this method? For more information, please consult this source.¬†

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