Gold Level

The Gold Level is a guide to a set of tools and methods that are using indicators assessing values of nature-based solutions. The indicators are linked to urban challenges and can generate spatially explicit benefits of nature-based solutions. The outcomes can be used to assess benefits from nature-based solutions in high resolution or to test alternative scenarios of future nature-based solutions use in cities.

Urban sustainability challenges

Climate action for adaptation Climate action for adaptatione.g. contributions to shadow effects and reducing high temperatures in summer
Coastal resilience Coastal resiliencee.g. contributions to reducing water flooding for cities located in coastal areas
Cultural heritage and diversity Cultural heritage and diversitye.g. contributions to the beauty and the cultural meanings of industrial, military and other heritage
Economic development Economic developmente.g. contributions to economic growth, jobs and house prices in the surrounding area
Green space and biodiversity Green space and biodiversitye.g. contributions to availability of green space and animal and plant species 
Environmental quality Environmental qualitye.g. contributions to air quality and to the beauty of the living environment of urbanites
Health and well-being Health and well-beinge.g. contributions to outdoor activities such as hiking, jogging and cycling and enjoying the experience of green
Inclusive governance Inclusive governancee.g. accessibility of nature and contributions to feelings of safety among urbanites
Regeneration and land use Regeneration and land usee.g. contributions to the greening of urban areas which have been or are to be regenerated
Social justice and cohesion Social justice and cohesion e.g. accessibility of nature for urbanites and contributions to social encounters 
Sustainable consumption Sustainable consumptione.g. contributions to providing ecological food and to pollination of food plants
Water management Water managemente.g. contributions to storing water and reducing the pressure on the sewerage system

1. Urban sustainability challenges ?

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Indicators for the selected challenges